Monday, June 3, 2013

Carnival party theme - Printable

I am turning 20th in a month and in France it's a really important birthday: when you move from youre chilhood to the 'adult world'. Personaly I felt that when I moved to Australia and had to start taking real responsabilities and decisions. But I found there an oportunity to throw a childish-sofisticated party... Carnival theme it will be!

It will be colorful, sweet treat, pinata, photo booth... Where is the sofisticated part? My guest list: adults only. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment with a good size living room but not big enough to suport kid's noize! I am taking care of everything myself, I just haven't decide for the cake, it has to be phenomenal: large, high, colorful and a little crazy. I am may be thinking of ordering it but I still have to pick one!

Here find the pictures of the labels the food/drinks on the table and birthday invitation. If you want to get them, go directly to my Esty store

Have a beautiful week end!


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