Sunday, March 10, 2013

DIY Kistchen Island

 I got this IKEA table for free from a garage sale. It was in a very bad shape: it stayed on a balcony for months under rain, wind... For a long time I have wanted a kitchen island and I just saw so much potential in this table. Not a bad idea! After sanding, staining, vanishing and painting... Add a wooden board and the feet (that you need to pain aswell).

I also had some wood left over that I vanished and put on the table as a chopping board. Very usefull!

TADAAA!! That's beautidull kitchen island is so helpfull: extra space to cook and stock ;)

    • Paint the legs
    • Sand the entire table first.
    • Stain and vanish the top
    • Add the board and feet

        Admire it!

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        1. Moumou : c'est vraiment super chouette ! Bravo